1. General principles

TADY TRAVEL was established under license number 0107583763, issued on October 3, 2016 by Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment.

Website tady.org is owned and operated by TADY TRAVEL Company

Customers on the website tady.org are individuals and organizations wishing to search for information and book travel services.

Partners are individuals, organizations, restaurants, hotels, airlines, cruise companies, domestic and foreign tourists as service providers through TADY TRAVEL and respecting the legitimate rights and interests of the parties through a cooperation contract.

The word “services” includes all services provided by TADY TRAVEL or related to the tady.org website such as hotel booking, air ticket booking, tour booking, cruise booking.

Individuals, organizations, restaurants, hotels, airlines, cruise companies, domestic and foreign tourists participate on the website tady.org on the principle of self-agreement on the basis of respect for rights and interests, legitimate interests of the parties through the cooperation contract or information registration form.

The services provided on tady.org must fully meet the provisions of relevant laws and do not fall under the cases of prohibition of advertising business according to the provisions of current laws.

Trading activities on tady.org must be done voluntarily, openly, transparently and ensure the interests of users.

2. General rules

When searching for information and booking services on tady.org, by default, customers have agreed to comply and agree to be bound by TADY TRAVEL’s management regulations.

tady.org is a combination of services serving tourism needs, including: Providing hotel booking services, air tickets, cruises, tours…

tady.org was built to provide maximum support for customers who want to find out online information about booking hotels, airline tickets, cruises, tours… different commercial bridges between sellers. and buyers, between businesses and businesses and a place to provide quality products and services at reasonable prices.

3. Dispute settlement mechanism arising in the transaction process

TADY TRAVEL is always responsible for receiving and handling customer complaints related to transactions at our website tady.org

When a dispute occurs, customers immediately contact TADY TRAVEL at email sales@tady.org or call us directly (+84) 24 3242 4670, TADY TRAVEL will send someone to solve the customer’s problem.

TADY TRAVEL works again with the service provider directly to find out the problem.

Any dispute arising between us and the customer will be resolved on the basis of negotiation. In case no agreement is reached as desired, either party has the right to bring the case to the Economic Court for settlement.

When a dispute arises between a customer and a direct service provider, the website management board will be responsible for providing customers with information about the seller, actively supporting customers or representing customers to protect their rights and legitimate interests.

TADY TRAVEL is committed to making efforts to ensure the safety and stability of the entire engineering system. However, in the event of a problem caused by the website’s fault, TADY TRAVEL will immediately apply measures to ensure the interests of customers.

When performing transactions on our website, members are required to strictly follow the instructions.

4. Ensure transaction safety

To ensure transaction safety, TADY TRAVEL signed a contract with Onepay. Online payments by domestic ATM card, visa, master card on tady.org are done through payment gateway via OnePAY.

To ensure the safety of card transactions, OnePAY’s payment data center is registered and certified to meet PCI DSS standards. PCI DSS is offered by PCI Security Standards Council (including members who are international card organizations: Visa Inc, MasterCard Worldwide, American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International). The purpose of PCI DSS is to ensure the safety of card data when it is processed and stored at banks or payment enterprises. PCI DSS helps set standards for card information security and is applied globally.

Besides, to improve the safety of transactions, Onepay uses 3D Secure technology. 3D Secure is an XML-based technology that aims to add an extra layer of security to online transactions. 3D Secure was researched and developed by international card organization Visa and introduced in 2004. 3D Secure program at Visa is named Verified by Visa, MasterCard is MasterCard SecureCode and JCB is J-Secure.

The OnePAY Fraud Detection (OFD) anti-fraud system is purpose-built to provide OnePAY merchants with a fully automated authentication method. OFD is based on a combination of MasterCard International’s fraud prevention solution and organizations that specialize in online fraud prevention. OFD is an online fraud prevention solution based on MasterCard’s experience with IP address analysis and analysis of fraudulent transaction characteristics.

5. Protect customers’ personal information

5.1 Purpose of Collection of Personal Information

TADY TRAVEL collects Customer’s Personal Information for one or several purposes as follows:

Make and manage service bookings and issue service confirmation slips to customers

Carry out and manage marketing activities, provide promotional information to customers such as sending the latest updates on promotional information and new offers related to our products and services

Provide solutions to upgrade and change services to serve customers’ needs

Manage, analyze and evaluate data related to flight data of Frequent Flyer Program members to develop appropriate sales and customer service policies

Receive information, suggestions, and complaints from customers in order to improve the service quality of TADY TRAVEL

Contact the customer to solve the requirements

Ensure security, safety and improve safety for online payment transactions

5.2 Types of Information Collected

The types of Personal Information that TADY TRAVEL collects from its Customers include:

Personal information such as full name, gender, date of birth, passport number or other identification document (issued date, place of issue), nationality, language

Contact information such as phone number, email address, fax number

Payment information if paying by credit or debit card such as cardholder name, card number, expiration date

Customer’s business information such as business name, business address, title

Other information serving the Frequent Flyer Program such as home address, mobile phone number, personal email address, habits, preferences and information related to the special needs of the Customer

The above Personal Information is required for specific services, Customers have the right to refuse or not provide all the requested information. In that case, TADY TRAVEL cannot provide the Customer with adequate and quality services

TADY TRAVEL needs the support from the Customer in ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the collected information. Therefore, please notify us of any changes in your Personal Information by contacting us through the forms published on the website.

5.3 Methods of Information Collection

We use Personal Data and other information collected through the Website to provide you with customized products and services, to build features that make services on the Website easier to use. , and to contact you about these services. This includes faster purchase requests, better customer support, and timely notifications of new services and special offers. From time to time, TADY TRAVEL may contact you to ask for feedback on the use of the Website, in order to help us improve the quality.

We offer special savings or promotions to you as a Website user if you have indicated that you consent to receiving such communications. If you prefer not to receive notifications about savings or special offers, you can opt out by replying to TADY TRAVEL.

5.4 Retention period of collected information

TADY TRAVEL will store the Personal Information provided by the Customer on our internal systems during the process of providing services to the Customer or until the purpose of collection is fulfilled or when the Customer requests it. Request to cancel the information provided.

5.5 Disclosure of Information Collected

TADY TRAVEL may disclose Personal Information collected from Customers to third parties, such as our agents, other service providers or related travel businesses in order to provide good service, best for customers. TADY TRAVEL will endeavor to ensure that any of the above mentioned employees, officers, agents, consultants or third parties involved in the collection and processing of information Customer will be aware of and understand this Privacy Policy. In addition, TADY TRAVEL may have to provide Customer’s Personal Information to authorities, Government agencies for security, customs, immigration and legal purposes. otherwise to the extent required or required by law.

5.6 Customer’s Rights to Collected Personal Information

Any Customer who voluntarily provides Personal Information to TADY TRAVEL has the following rights:

Request to review the information collected

Request a copy of the collected information

Request to correct and supplement collected information (for customers who receive information via e-newsletter, customers can access and edit their own information by contacting TADY TRAVEL)

Request to stop collecting information

Request deletion of collected information

Customers can exercise the above rights by accessing the website themselves or contacting us via email or the contact address published on the website of TADY TRAVEL.

In case the Customer provides TADY TRAVEL with inaccurate or incomplete Personal Information to confirm the Customer’s identity, we cannot protect the Customer’s privacy rights in accordance with the above provisions.

5.7 The use of Cookies on TADY TRAVEL’s website

Cookies are only used by TADY TRAVEL to save the State of Language and Market during the last visit of the client at the visiting computer for the purpose of returning this status to the client on the next visit.

5.8 Update and language of the Privacy Policy

TADY TRAVEL will amend this Privacy Policy at any time when necessary, the updated Privacy Policy will be published on our website and will be dated for Customers to know the latest version. . According to the law, the preferred language for use is English.

6. Bad Information Management

Members, customers and partners using TADY TRAVEL’s services are not allowed to use offensive words, not to advertise prohibited acts, goods and services.

Providing incorrect or misleading information about the business ability, the ability to provide products, goods and services of organizations or individuals trading in products, goods or services; on quantity, quality, price, service method, service warranty method registered with TADY TRAVEL

Goods and services banned from business and advertising as prescribed by law

All information posted on TADY TRAVEL’s website is censored. Therefore, incorrect, unhealthy or prohibited information will be taken down by TADY TRAVEL’s customer service staff or content moderators. We sent a warning email before this behavior recurs, and TADY TRAVEL forced to block the account of the offending customer.

7. Liability in case of technical errors

When performing transactions on the website, it is imperative that customers follow the instructions.

TADY TRAVEL will fix problems such as: technical errors, software errors, internet connection systems, personnel, fluctuations due to natural disasters, power outages, decisions of state agencies or related organizations . We are committed to ensuring the safety and stability of the entire technical system, meeting the usage needs of members. In case there is a technical, software or other objective error that prevents the member from using the service, please notify TADY TRAVEL Customer Service so that we can promptly fix the problem. If the above incidents fall under force majeure circumstances and cause damage to members, we are not jointly responsible.

8. Rights and obligations of the Website Management Board TADY TRAVEL

8.1 Rights of the Website Management Board

Request customers to register online to declare personal information according to the form provided by TADY TRAVEL.

Advertising, introducing products and services of the business with preferential prices to members of TADY TRAVEL

Refuse, stop using or terminate a member’s right to use the service in the following cases: There is a basis to prove that member information is incorrect, incomplete, misleading, or in violation of the law or Vietnamese fine customs…

Notice of termination of membership or the right to use one or more services if the member has activities that affect the interests or prevent the operation of TADY TRAVEL.

TADY TRAVEL holds the copyright of services and transaction contents on tady.org in accordance with the provisions of the law on intellectual property protection of Vietnam. All resources are owned by TADY TRAVEL Travel Company, it is strictly forbidden to copy, use, and distribute illegally in any form.

8.2 Responsibilities of website management

Consulting, answering questions: Customer care department will advise on all issues related to the transaction process on tady.org and answer questions and complaints of members.

Service quality assurance: TADY TRAVEL requires direct suppliers to give full information about the service and take legal responsibility for such information to ensure the quality of service as introduced to customers and secure transactions.

Publicly resolve disputes arising in the course of transactions on tady.org . When a member has a conflict with a supplier or suffers damage to his/her legitimate interests, TADY TRAVEL will actively support and protect the member’s rights and interests.

TADY TRAVEL must be responsible for developing and implementing a monitoring mechanism to ensure that the information provided by suppliers (hotels, airlines, etc.) on the website is fully and accurately implemented.

Timely notification of news related to TADY TRAVEL’s activities